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Surprise: Calum Hood Smut →


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not requested
word count: 3.7K’
pairing: calum hood x reader
rating: R
note: yo calum’s birthday passed a long ass time ago, and i was rly in the mood for some birthday sex. enjoy! xx
also posted on ao3

He’d left before you’d woken up this morning, giving you a large…

"Get Home Safe" - Smutty Ashton Irwin One Shot →


You just shut the dresser drawer. The cloud-like silk of your new panties pressed tight against your shower fresh skin. You were still a bit red from the hot water and the lotion buzzed the scent of vanilla. Ashton really didn’t have to buy you all this the other day but-

“I need to treat my baby…

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Jw: why do u always go to 3rd base in ur fanfics?

I mean, they’re not really mine? or fanfics? and sex pretty much involves all of the bases. And I’m pretty sure all of them don’t involve oral.

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How can I message you?

haha you did it

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hi okay so the guy I like friendzoned me and I want to tell him I like him but I don't want to lose him as a friend! What should I do?

Well “friend-zoning” is a made-up thing, and if you think you’re in it, then he probably just likes you as a friend. So you can really decide if you want to tell him, because maybe he’ll like you back, but it’s really your choice.

This Changes Everything →


You had been best friends with forever it seemed, you couldn’t remember a time when you were apart. You guys have gone through everything together- from awkward stages in puberty where Michael’s voice lowered a couple octaves after breaking in the middle of sentences which was hilarious to you an…

Night In



word count: 1,538
pairing: Michael & Reader
warning: smut smut smut y’all this is smut
summary: Michael has to cancel yet another date, this time you decide you needed a little something in return. sub!michael
a/n I am crying this is hurt me so much it is so late, Beth I hope you’re happy omg I’m dead

Michael was late for your date. Again. He had texted you earlier saying that the meeting he was stuck in was running longer than expected, but he was trying his damnedest to make it home on time. But it was now and hour and a half past the time he was supposed to be home, and you had accepted the fact that the two of you would be spending the night in. You knew Michael was going to be stressed and pissed off when he came home, so you headed to the bedroom, prepping for a night of helping him relax. As you changed into Michael’s favourite black lace set, your eye caught the familiar glinting of metal. If you were being honest, you were kind of fucking pissed that yet another date with Michael had been cancelled. You deserved a little pick-me-up too. Fingering the cool metal of the handcuffs, you smirked to yourself. Things were going to be switched up tonight.

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Do u guys take requests??😁


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do u ever wonder where all of ur followers r from?

I actually was so I got Google analytics so I low key stalk you guys on my blog. Idk how it works but it’s pretty interesting :) (btw most of you guys are from the U.S.)

Good Boy/Good Girl - MICHAEL SMUT →


look who finally updated (hint: its me)

switch!mikey + college!mikey + 69-ing



You jerked your head up as you heard faint moans across the room from you, seemingly coming from Michael’s computer. Looking over to Michael you saw tufts of his red hair poking out from behind…

All That Jazz - Calum // SMUT →




warning: smut

a/n: SO BASICALLY ALL IVE BEEN LISTENING TO IS THE CHICAGO SOUNDTRACK AND THIS HAPPENED. IM SORRY BUT IM NOT. Haven’t written in a bit, sorry. but i hope you guys like it, i loved writing it. that’s about it.

word count: 2.4k

January 25th, 1925 was certainly going to be&he llip;

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ok so there is this guy I like and my fucking best friend knew l like him and he asked her out and she FUCKING EXEPTED IT!!!!! they are dating, do you know how hard it is to watch them kiss and smile and be all lovey dovey it hurts and then she tries to talk to me about it and I don't know what to do HELP ME PLEASE!!!!! I cry myself to sleep every night and now it is worse because my great aunt just died last night please help me.

Well I really don’t think this girl should be your best friend. I know that if one if my best friends liked someone and that person asked me out I’d say no (this excludes celebrity crushes). Also I’m almost positive all of my best friends would do the same thing if the situation was reversed. I’m extremely sorry about your aunt, hold in their bub, and turn to any super nice friends or family for help ☻

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Can you write another smut where it's a threesome between Y/N, Mikey, and a girl?

pretty sure there’s already one in the masterlist. correct me if I’m wrong tho.

omfg you do cheer ?

Yeah, only for my high school though. It’s over for the season which is kinda good because it’s super time consuming.

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